The Levit Flute Company is the flute manufacturer dedicated to the production of Standard and
Kingma System flutes.

L E V I T  F L U T E S


In 2012, Lev Levit reached an agreement with Eva Kingma, the renowned DutchEva Kingma Flutemakerflutemaker, to produce a concert flute with her patented KingmaSystem. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Levit purchased the design rights and tooling for the Oston-Brannen flute, the original Kingma System concert flute introduced in 1994. The Levit Kingma System Flute is a Boehm flute with a B foot, C♯ trill, and six extra keys. The extra keys plus the five open hole cups and the C♯ trill allow for the accurate playing of quartertones. However, it is much more than a quartertone flute. The extra keys offer a vastly expanded range of multiphonics, and provide an almost infinite number of pitch shading possibilities to deal with intonation at different dynamic levels. The additional keys are unobtrusive, intuitively positioned, and easy to reach. All other keys are exactly where they are on any standard open hole flute. The Levit Kingma System Flute is by far the most versatile flute in existence today and once the player becomes familiar with its extra features, this flute will become indispensable regardless of the repertoire being performed.



Constructed from only the highest quality materials and built using the most precise
manufacturing processes, the Levit Standard Flute (above in gold) is one of the finest flutes available. Scales and headjoint designs can be traced directly back to the work of Albert Cooper. Nearly all of the keywork was designed by Bickford Brannen for the Oston-Brannen flute — and is both comfortable and strong. The Levit Standard Flute meets the highest expectations of today’s flutists, and a full range of options is available at a reasonable cost.


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T H E   F L U T E M A K E R S

Lev-Levit flutemakerLev Levit's career as a flutemaker began in 1993 at Verne Q. Powell Flutes, where he learned the art and science of hand-made key and bodymaking. He ultimately rose to department supervisor. 

Seeking a new challenge, Mr. Levit left Powell in 1999 to work for Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, and for the next 11 years he honed his skills with several successful projects. In 2010 he decided to leave Brannen to pursue his dream of designing and handcrafting his own flute — two years later, he established the Levit Flute Company. 

Mr. Levit is set apart by both his diverse experience and stellar reputation. His craftmanship is informed both by a mechanical engineering background, and his ability to custom design the precision tools and devices required to fabricate precious metal flutes of exceptional quality. Contact: lev@levitflutes.com

David B. Houston
was a Doctor of Musical Arts candidate in flute performance at Indiana University when he accepted the position of Marketing Director for Verne Q. Powell Flutes in 1990.  He was Director of Customer Service, flute finisher and headjoint tester when he left Powell Flutes in 1998 to work for Brannen Brothers Flute Makers.  In 2007 he was asked to return to Powell Flutes as Director of Quality and Finishing/Repair Department Manager. During his 20 year tenure at Powell and Brannen, Mr. Houston was directly involved in and responsible for many various facets of flute, piccolo and headjoint design and construction, as well as employee training.

In 2012 he collaborated with flutemaker, colleague and longtime friend, Lev Levit, to produce the exclusively handcrafted Levit Flutes.

Mr. Houston is on faculty at Boston Flute Academy and enjoys dividing his time between teaching, performing and flute making. Contact: david@levitflutes.com

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O U R   W A R R A N T Y

Levit Flute head jointAll Levit flutes are warranted against finishing defects for a period of one year, and carry a lifetime warranty on all solder joints. This warranty does not include normal wear, accidental damage, or misuse. If you choose to have your instrument repaired under the warranty by anyone other than the Levit Flute Company, you must obtain prior authorization from us.


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